When it’s the Big Fat Indian Destination Wedding, it’s even more exciting! What’s more pleasurable than having everyone you’re linked to by blood or bonding show up in a magnificent location to party, much like a family holiday but with better clothes and a plan?

A well-planned, flawlessly executed wedding in a location far from home will produce priceless memories. As the host, your work begins with selecting the ideal partner-host; a hotel or resort that is up to the task of planning a memorable wedding.

There is an end number of resorts in India that might allure you, and you may be fascinated with one of them, but some special places and beautiful locations add an extra feature while selecting a wedding spot.

Here we are talking about one such location in the heart of India, popularly known as Meerut.

Whether on the bride’s or groom’s side, their comfort should be unwavering. All of their specific requirements are important, and even the tiniest ignorance might be embarrassing. Furthermore, there are relatives who enjoy impersonating Ekta Kapoor soap operas in real life and being a little dramatic. If something goes wrong for them, all hell breaks loose!

Overall, dealing with guests during weddings is a difficult chore in and of itself. However, when you plan your destination wedding at the best wedding venue in Meerut at Grand 5 resort, you can relax. Our exceptional services and rooms can satisfy even the most discriminating customers.

A picture-perfect location that’s brimming with five-star sophistication, Grand 5 Resort Meerut, is a name that strikes my mind while booking a resort for a grand and auspicious occasion like a Wedding.

Everything here exudes elegance and grandeur, from the beautiful green grass with its palatial design and magnificent halls to the combination of rooms and suites with panoramic views. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate wedding or a large, traditional Indian wedding, their venues with a capacity of 600+ guests and beautiful outdoor spaces give the ideal setting. The resort also has seasoned event planners that can handle traditional Indian celebrations tailored to your preferences.

Whether couples are seeking a magnificent wedding in terms of magnitude, style, or hospitality, this hotel has it all. They boast the most gorgeous decor you’ll ever see, as well as the best banquet hall in Meerut, which can accommodate up to 600 people.

Because of the grandeur of the event or the number of guests, banquet service is a more sophisticated meal than a traditional family supper. Weddings, meetings, and conferences are examples of these services, which are defined by the size of the event, the menu, and the number of attendees.

Grand 5 Resort, Meerut offers ample services to its guests:

  • Fine Dining – When it comes to the taste and flavor of Indian cuisine, the first thought in mind is will the place meet the demand for exemplary cuisines? Yes, Grand 5 resort offers its guests mouth-watering dishes and delicious sweets such as Jalebi and Rabri. Hence, you can rely upon them for hosting a perfect wedding food party.
  • Halls – As per the request and desire of the customer, the halls available at the property vary from Emperor Hall which caters to 150-200 guests, Maharaja Hall which caters to around 200 to 250 people, and German Hanger that is suitable to organize a big fat Indian wedding with a size of around 600 plus guests.
  • Ambiance – It is an eco-friendly resort located away from congested cities and pollution. This luxurious resort offers its visitors both comfort and fresh air, which is all you need for a much-needed respite from your everyday routine.
  • Safety & Security – The place follows the policy to keep the safety and security of its guests at a foremost priority above anything else. The property rests assured with best safety practices to offer the best wedding venue in Meerut.
  • Budget-Friendly Resort – When it comes to finalizing a wedding location, the last but not least is to understand whether the destination is within our budget or not. And hence you can sit back and relax as this property offer customized packages and the best marriage hall price in Meerut.

So, if you are looking to host a Roka ceremony, engagement party, or looking for a small party hall in Meerut then you can trust the hospitality & service offered by Grand 5 resort.

The bride and groom’s ambition is to have a grandiose wedding. Grand 5 Resort attempts to meet all of the bride and groom’s needs at a moderate cost. This resort’s internal and outdoor areas are both highly luxurious. The atmosphere at Grand 5 Resort is likewise quite relaxing. It offers the best service to its visitors, leaving an indelible impression on them. As a result, you can host an event on this lovely property.

So, organize your most gorgeous affair – wedding – at this one-of-a-kind location and prepare for selfies with a lovely backdrop and fond memories to last a lifetime.